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Into the Inklands Illumineer's Trove

Into the Inklands Illumineer's Trove

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Wield magic inks and the power of Lorcana to assemble your team of Disney™ characters in the game’s second expansion: Into the Inklands. Venture across new landscapes in search for scattered lore and change up your game with the brand-new card type: locations!

The Illumineer's Trove includes:

  • 1 storage box
  • 8 booster packs
  • 6 high-quality dice
  • 1 spin-dial lore counter

Booster pack rarity breakdown:

  • 2 Rares, super rares, or legendaries
  • 3 Uncommons
  • 6 Commons
  • 1 Foil card of any rarity
  • Heading
  • Heading
  • Heading
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